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June 2012

Prince Harry’s Sentebale Charity Event—SD POLO


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Prince Harry’s Sentebale Charity Event

Sentebale was founded by Prince Harry and Lesotho’s Prince Seeiso to help the forgotten victims of poverty and of the HIV/Aids epidemic in Lesotho, Africa.

The San Diego Polo Club is pleased to present a fundraiser for Prince Harry’s Charity, Sentebale.  Although Prince Harry is NOT attending the event, we look forward to his presence in the years to come.  Don’t forget to wear white and teal to support Sentebale!

Arena Exhibition Match (2 Chukkers) 1:00pm
3-Goal Finals (4 Chukkers) 1:30pm
African Dance Intermission 2:30pm
8-10 Goal Feature Match (6 Chukkers) 3:00pm
Korbel Champagne Divot Stomp 3:30pm
Nights of the Sound Table 4:30-7pm

>> More About Sentebale

Father’s Day: Fun in the Sun—SAN DIEGO POLO

Father’s Day: Fun in the Sun.

San Diego Polo Magazine 2012

San Diego Polo Magazine 2012……..

Opening Day June 10th…Millinery at it’s finest…. For San Diegans..Gate opens at 1230pm  First Match at 1pm… See ya there…AJOCONNELL

The San Diego Polo Club Hits the Town!


On Saturday, we celebrated the beginning of our 2012 Polo Season.  Although the weather was a bit chilly, the event was stellar.  DJ Noel spun tunes while his sidekick pleased the crowd with the sound of the saxophone.


Wild Thyme Company made a great impression with a beautiful cheese plate, grilled seasonal vegetables and scrumptious tray passed appetizers, including a mini cheeseburger, english pea arancini and spiced ahi tuna.


Guests enjoyed the thrilling game of golf cart polo, champagne and polo friends.




Photos courtesy of Richard Nesdale and Jeffrey Trout.

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June 4, 2012…AJOCONNELL

Wesak – Its Importance in 2012              

How You & Humanity Will Benefit 

A Council of 12 Message from Selacia  

Right now, the annual Wesak blessing energies are building, the enlightened Masters assembling and connecting with humanity. The great ones like the Buddha, the Christ, and Kuan Yin will be with you more tangibly again this season. At Wesak celebrations worldwide, you will be able to sense their presence and receive their wisdom. 

The weeks building up to and following Wesak traditionally carry a very high potency. If you become still and invite in the blessings, you may feel them even now. During 2012, the auspicious Wesak blessings are magnified. There is also a different energy theme this year, for this June is the time of the Venus transit – a planetary cycle that typically precedes great shifts in consciousness. 

The June 2012 Venus transit is part of a long progression catalyzing the return of the divine feminine on the Earth. The return of the feminine is vital to the birthing of a new type of world based on love. The conventional world you live in now – rooted in old paradigm ways – is fear based and exclusionary. That world is falling away – fast. 

These times are the culmination of a very long journey for humanity. During this year,  you will have an opportunity to see the fruits of your steadfast efforts. All of the trainings you have had in times past … all of the struggles you have endured … all of your dedication to the path of spiritual transformation – from these things you will begin to see a substantive shift. As you personally become more loving and joyful, you uplift everyone around you. As you truly understand and live your oneness, you help the whole of humanity to do the same. 

You are in the midst of a revolutionary undertaking, participating in a mass awakening of humanity across the planet. You came to be a key player – a divine changemaker. This was to be no small task, but you had preparations and you were willing to take the risks to join this experiment. A wise part of you knew that at crucial points along the way, you would connect with reinforcements of divine energy, helping you to dismantle obstacles and to see your existence with clarity. You knew that Wesak was one of those times when you could connect with an expanded level of spiritual fuel.Image

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